Why You Should Be a WAM-Pro

Five Distinguishing Things about the WAM-Pro® Certification Program

You are on a journey towards becoming certified in workforce asset management. Perhaps you are doing this to learn more about workforce management or to make yourself more competitive in the marketplace.  Whatever your reason, it’s important to choose the certification that’s right for you. After all, it’s YOUR career we are talking about. So here are five distinguishing traits about the WAM-Pro® Certification Program that can help you decide if you’re ready to Go WAM-Pro.

  1. Courses with Business Oriented, WFM-Specific Focus

You may need more than specific product knowledge or years of experience to continually deliver value in your role. A business oriented, WFM-specific skill set makes you the complete package. An educational program should include topics that have value for you, your customers, and your business. Check out a list of topics you will cover in the WAM-Pro® eLearning course.

  1. A Program Rooted in Application

A major concern with many certifications already in the market is the lack of applicable value once you leave the classroom or the test site. The letters after your name aren’t the only thing you should take with you. Check out a sample of the type of practical application worksheets AWAM provides you with during your training to use now and forever.

  1. A Quality Learning Experience

The best learning happens when you have a consistent, high-quality environment that delivers information to you when and where you want it. The best content is shaped by the people that know the role—real practitioners, implementers, consultants, and leaders. You need an education that focuses on delivering an excellent experience. Check out the list of learning objectives for each module in the WAM-Pro® eLearning.

  1. A Certification that Supports and Represents YOU

Workforce management professionals like you need an organization specifically focused on their career development and prominence in the workplace. You need an advocate who offers you a way to stand out and advance. Through its dedication to leading WFM practices and technologies, AWAM attracts the attention and contributions of industry leaders, researchers, vendors, and employers and raises awareness of your credibility and value.  Contact AWAM for more information on how we can support you during training.

  1. A Risk-Free Membership

Many certifying organizations are just in it for the profit. While other organizations are busy processing membership payments, AWAM makes important information readily available. We won’t bar you from the tools, white papers, and discussions that will help elevate your role and the profession of workforce management. Try out risk-free membership at no-cost today.