What You Say Affects How You Sell


The reasons for why jargon won’t jive.

Words matter. And talking above, below, or around the person or issue won’t ever help you.

WAM-Pros may be the stewards of workforce management technology, but they aren’t always working with systems and machines. WFM technology is designed to benefit and manage people. Therefore, WAM-Pros need to be able to communicate with people effectively.

In this paper, we discuss the power of words and the problem with jargon. We do not want to clutter our speech with unnecessary terms and meanings for the same reason we don’t want to clutter our systems with unnecessary programming or data. Clutter compromises critical functionality, distorts the intended use, or may cause a loss of performance.

By the end of this paper you should not only know why to avoid excessive jargon, but you should also know which language to use instead.

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