WAM-Pro® Goes Global: An Australian Workforce Asset Management Program in Development


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA—July 15, 2015. As businesses around the globe look for better ways to manage their workforce and control their labor costs, they will need more than just tools. They will need a standard of competency on how to use workforce management technology and apply best practice.

This week the Association for Workforce Asset Management (AWAM), designer of the Workforce Asset Management Professional (WAM-Pro®) Certification Program, and Presence of IT, a global leader in Workforce Management and HR/Payroll solutions, will partner on a project to create a workforce management certification program specially tailored to the needs of the Australian market. Subject matter experts and leaders will come from all corners of the continent to develop this program, the first of its kind in Australia.

“Workforce management is a complicated, specialized, and powerful field of practice, yet no vendor-neutral, product-agnostic training for it exists in the collegiate or business setting,” said AWAM’s Chief Learning Officer, Rachel Disselkamp. “The Certification in Workforce Asset Management (CWAM) designation differentiates practitioners, consultants, and implementers from their competition and recognizes their holistic mastery of workforce management. It’s one thing to have specific product experts, but organizations need much more to achieve sustainable success. They need someone to serve as the bridge between the strategic business objectives and the operational technologies that execute on those goals.”

Rob Scott, Global Lead HR Strategy & Innovation for Presence of IT says: “At the core of business value lies effective people management.  Mature WFM practices, together with HR, Finance, and IT are the critical success-factors in achieving this.”

The Australian WAM-Pro® Task Force will review the Workforce Asset Management Book of Knowledge, (John Wiley and Sons, 2013), and tailor the 14-hour eLearning program and the multiple choice certification exam according to important workforce problems, technology issues, laws, and custom in the Australian workplace.

Jarrod McGrath, Presence of IT’s WFM Managing Partner in Australia said: “The industry for many years has been somewhat misunderstood with many different representations of what workforce management is.  This brings a structured framework to our staff and clients by which to define, implement and measure WFM programs.  Presence of IT is pleased be bring this certification to Australia.”

As other internal departments battle for a seat at the table, certified workforce asset management professionals know their value. They show executives exactly where the company spends its dollars by using real-time data from operational systems like time and attendance, scheduling, absence and leave, compensation, biometric tech, and workforce analytic reporting tools.

The AWAM-Presence of IT alliance expects to have the Australian WAM-Pro® Program completed in late 2015.


Who is AWAM?
The Association for Workforce Asset Management (AWAM) is the premier association for workforce management professionals. Today’s employers recognize that time and labor management business processes and systems drive their organizational performance. It is essential for them to have professionals able to evaluate, design, and implement solutions that solve their important workplace problems. AWAM established the Certified Workforce Asset Management (CWAM) professional designation to make it easy to recognize those who have mastered the complex field of workforce management. Their WAM-Pro® Education and Certification Program offers a unique and specialized education, presented on an online, on-demand platform. The Association not only provides support for professionals pursuing or holding the CWAM credential, they also work with workforce asset management professionals (WAM-Pros) and advocates advancing new models of WFM.

For more information, visit www.AWAMpro.com.


Who is Presence of IT?

Presence of IT is Australia’s leading consultancy in the world’s foremost HR/Payroll and Workforce Management solutions. We provide thought leadership, process management, process improvement, software implementation and support services in human capital management to Australia’s largest private and public sector organisations. Our strength is the excellence of our people and our focus is on our clients. This focus has seen us evolve into a global organisation to better support our clients in their respective markets, the world over.

More information at: www.presenceofit.com.au.

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