Tracy Perez, Winner of 2015 Vision Conference Raffle!


Even a WAM-Pro could gain a lot from this year’s Workforce Software Vision Conference. With Workforce Software’s announcements about their compliance guarantee and their latest software features, it is clear that WFS believes there is more to workforce management than just time and attendance.

During our stay at Lake Las Vegas we met Application Analysts, Financial Directors, HRIS Systems Managers, HR Benefits Specialists, Payroll Business Advisors, and more, all eager to elevate their role in workforce management. Even with a great system in place, they recognized certification as the key to more respect, opportunity, and influence in their organization.

“Our project could have been deployed much faster if [my employer] had asked for my advice before implementation,” said one attendee. Employer and leaders are slowly recognizing the necessity of workforce management professionals not only during implementations, but also with solving important business problems like managing labor costs with scheduling or workforce analytics.

Not many conferences can boast that their attendees are professionals with a strong understanding of workforce management. We were happy that most of those who stopped by our booth were both surprised and excited by a new certification in workforce asset management. When leafing through the Workforce Asset Management Book of Knowledge (WAMBOK), we heard exclamations of, “Hey! I do that!” and “Wow, look they even talk about this!”

Overall, it was good to be among our workforce management friends.

We held a raffle throughout the conference for the full WAM-Pro eLearning course. A number of people dropped off their business card, but only one was lucky enough for the opportunity this time. It was Tracy Perez, a Financial Manager at Eastern Municipal Water District. After being notified, Tracy was excited for the opportunity to learn more about workforce asset management and prepare for her WAM-Pro certification.

We too are eager for Tracy to Go WAM-Pro!