Ending On-Call Won’t Fix the Schedule


Coming out against on-call scheduling practices is in vogue. After several media articles slammed the practice, cities began banning it entirely. Soon, significant pressure was placed on national retail brands to end this once-little-known scheduling policy.

“On-call” refers to when employers require open availability from the employee without offering a commitment of their own (pay or benefits). Employees either call in before their shift or wait to receive a call from their managers on whether or not they will work. Typically, this limbo time is unpaid. The reasons for ending such volatility seem clear, but what will fill the void is less certain.

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Why Even Astronauts Need Good Schedules


“Life in space is so complicated that a lot of logistics have to be off-loaded to the ground if astronauts are to actually do anything substantive.” And one the most time-consuming logistics is scheduling. Just to build the schedule for the U.S. side of the international space station requires a full-time team of 50 staffers.

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