The Good Jobs Strategy [VIDEO] – Zeynep Ton

There aren’t too many TED Talks that focus on workforce management issues, but this one on good scheduling is quite convincing. As Ton suggests, too few employers are implementing these practices at their organization. We believe this is due to lack of awareness. If you work in time and attendance or time and labor management, compensation, scheduling, absence and leave, payroll, etc. you know how difficult it can be to grab the attention of your leaders. Often times the solution is already there, waiting patiently in your WFM system to be discovered.

WAM-Pros are the voices of the technology. They turn good ideas and good intentions about good jobs into sustainable realities.

Have you ever had what Ton calls a “good job”? Or have you been stuck with the opposite?

Training Turns Jobs into Careers


They say 40 per cent of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. This is according to a recent study here.

Even if that’s an outlandish or incorrect statistic, it brings up an interesting point: if people don’t feel proficient in their role, they leave. We tend to focus on the other side of the argument—from the employer perspective—that if people aren’t trained, they just aren’t productive. This also has a cost, but a less engaged employee may be less costly than a lost employee. Keeping your best employees happy means providing them with more than a paycheck. They want and need a career path.

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